Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to dress up?

Dressing up in costume on the day is encouraged but not required. 

Some of the workshops are messy, you may want to bring a change of clothes.

What are the music art workshops?

Paint What You Hear workshops are directed by musician Erica Rasmussen and visual artist Zakiya Kurdi. Children learn about the elements of music and how to capture sound on paper. Participants are then invited to let loose with paint-rock duo Afterwhite to create group canvases. Afterwhite (drums & guitar) play original music while children respond to live music using paint - the workshops are engaging, fun and messy. Yes – MESSY.

Can I bring my own food and water on site?

Yes you may. There are food and drinks available on the day to purchase. 

Is there parking at the site?

Yes – plenty of parking in Sydney. A little street parking in Brisbane. Dress Up Attack! strongly encourages the use of public transport. One of the reasons we chose both the Sydney and Brisbane venue is because it's close to train and bus stops. 

Does the site have good pram and wheelchair access?

Yes – excellent ramp access all through the site. The site ground surfaces are a mixture of grass, concrete and wooden floors.

What if it rains?

We still know how to have fun in the rain. Bring a raincoat and gumboots too, although a lot of the site is sheltered.

Photography and Video

There will be people designated to document the festival, if you do not want your child or children to be photographed or filmed, please notify one of our staff.

Are the live bands loud?

Yes – not anywhere near as loud as say, your local pub. But it is live music. We pitch the sound levels appropriately for tiny ears. If you wanted, there are a great range of baby and toddler ear muffs available online and at various stores across Sydney.