DRESS UP ATTACK! A Music and Arts Festival For Children and Grown-ups offers children the unique experience of a music festival programmed to engage young people AND THEIR CARERS TOGETHER.  

Carefully curated, the festival presents a range of high quality musical experiences for children and their carers to enjoy together.

Back in 2012 we got a group of mates together down at The Addison Road Community Centre and the inaugural Dress Up Attack! was born.

MC’d by Robbie Buck with performances by Holly Throsby, SPOD, Spurs For Jesus and Teddy Rock, Dress Up Attack! really was a fun day for everyone.  We felt like there was six degrees of separation between everyone there. The kids got to dress up in costume and the parents could watch bands alongside their kids. At last our community of music loving parents could come out with their kids to see bands!

2013 saw us pull off a dream line up. Regurgitator and Justine Clarke on the same festival bill! Along with The Sticker Club and Lah’s Lah’s Big Live Band the hall at Addison Road treated a new generation to great live music.

We also introduced The Awesome People Reading Books Stage and had some pretty weird and wonderful performers roaming around.

2014 we were graced with The Clouds, Phil Jamieson's Woodenspoon, Rufino and The Coconuts and the Zoo Boyz. What a fun one that was!

For 2015, Dress Up Attack! we were stoked to have Hoodoo Guru's play, as well as Bloods, KiddyRock and the Ta Da's. AND The PRESET's DJ'd. So awesome. 

2016 saw Custard and The Grates play amazing sets with special performances by Bunny Racket, BennyTime and Angie Who. You're welcome :)

Can't wait to see you in 2018!


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The Clouds and Phil Jamieson!

OMG Justine Clarke AND Regurgitator!!

What’s this crazy festival all about?